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Monster Black Market Guide

Monster Black Market Guide Game APK by Team-Apple Pie

Monster Black Market Game APK by Team-Apple Pie

This Monster Black Market Guide is prepared by team apple pie. The action / adult game is perfect for those who are interested in black market, slaves and monsters. In this guide, the author guided about the most commonly traded goods and services. Team apple pie also guided regarding potential risk and benefits of all monsters and other powerful creatures in the game.

Information about game

In this block, we will provide some basic information regarding the guide of Monster Black Market game.

Game NameMonster Black Market Apk
Last date of update10 September 2023
Android / Window Compatibility 5.10 and up
Latest version of the game2.0.16.0
Game SizeApprox. 300 Mb
Developed byTeam Apple-Pie
Paid or Free ?Free / Public game
Android and Window?Both

Download Monster Black Market Apk and 50 days save file

In this Monster Black Market Guide Apk game, you can explore the exciting world of monsters, slaves and other powerful creatures. If you don’t want to spend too much time in the starting of the game, then we have our 50 days save file. These 50 days save file will unlock the harem and rune endings effortlessly.

Once you reached at the end of the last day, you can unlock your rewards.

Monster Black Market ApkDownload Link
50 Days Save FileDownload Link and Mega Link
Game Apk File

How to use 50 days Save File ?

Here, we will explain how to use these 50 days save file to unlock rewards. Monster Black Market Guide is an adventures adult action game. It’s all about critical decisions, strategies and plans, how to deal with monsters.

Last update of 50 days save file.29-01-2023
Saved data in 50 days file.Harem and Rune ending
50 days save file

Firstly, you have to download the 50 days save file (SaveData.zip) from above link. Secondly, you have to extract that zip file. After that you have to go to ”C” drive and find saved monster black market game location. Thirdly, you have to open save data folder and replace all existing data with extracted zip (SaveData.zip) file data.

General Game Save Location in ”C” DriveC:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\ApplePie\MonsterBlackMarket\SaveData
Game Location


Q. Who is Monster Black Market Game developer ?

A. Team- Apple Pie

Q. What is the latest version of Monster Black Market Game ?

A. v2.0.16.0

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