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Lamb to the slaughter pdf

Lamb to the slaughter pdf story

Lamb to the slaughter story

Lamb to the slaughter pdf is a short story of a housewife and police officer. This story of Mary Maloney (housewife), police officer and a leg of lamb is written by British author Roald Dahl.

Summary of the story

Mary Maloney married to a police officer. Both were living happy married life. One evening, she was eagerly waiting for her husband to return home from the office.

He came back. His lady took his coat and gave him a lovely strong drink. She asked him regarding his tiredness. He replied that yes, I am very tired and pick his glass for second round of the drink. She thought he is tired. So, they cancelled their plan of dinner in the town’s famous restaurant.

In this Lamb to the slaughter pdf, later she asked him that darling we can have lamb. He said, forget it and asked her to sit down.

He told her something (some kind of matter). Mary Maloney was continuously asking him to cook something for him. But after their conversation he told her that I am going out and leaving you.

At that point, she grabs a frozen leg of lamb and walked behind her husband. Mary Maloney killed her husband with that leg of lamb.

After some time, the police officers (detectives) came to her house for investigation. She was very clever and laid a plan to cover up her crime. She cooked the murder weapon (frozen leg of lamb) as dinner to investigator police officers.

Download Lamb to the slaughter

In this article, we will share links of lamb to the slaughter pdf for reference purpose only. These shared links are already available on internet. You can download this short story from given links. Please use this pdf for reading or educational purpose only.

CreditReference Links
theshortstory.co.uk websiteLamb to the slaughter
kmhs.typepad.com websiteLamb to the slaughter
myweb.scu.edu.tw websiteLamb to the slaughter
online.htseden.co.za websiteLamb to the slaughter
Story downloading links.

What is the plot of Lamb to the Slaughter PDF?

The main plot of lamb to the slaughter story is all about Mary Maloney and her unexpected actions. First, she killed her husband. After that, she cooked murder weapon and served to detectives (police officers), doctor and photographer.

Moral of the story

Moral of Lamb to the slaughter pdf story – During surprise situations, People can react in surprising ways when they are upset. Emotions can make people to do unexpected things. People can hide the realty and truth.

FAQs related to Lamb to the Slaughter PDF

Q. What is the main message of Lamb to the Slaughter?

A. During extreme emotions or upsets, people react in very unexpected ways and do unpredictable things.

Q. What is the irony in Lamb to the Slaughter?

A. The main irony was murder weapon (a leg of the lamb). After that Mary Maloney and investigator officer’s food was irony.

Q. What is the moral of the story lamb?

A. The moral of the story of Lamb to the slaughter PDF is about human nature, complexity of reactions and emotions of the people in different situations.

Q. Is the wife pregnant in Lamb to the Slaughter?

A. Mary Maloney was six months pregnant as per attached pdf. But as per author pregnancy is not a factor in this story.

Q. Is Mary Maloney a good wife?

A. Yes, she loves her husband so much. They were living happy married life.

Q. Who is Mary Maloney?

A. Mary Maloney was wife of Patrick (police officer). When he told her that he wants to leave her, she killed him.

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